A connection is generated between a few water pipes as particular style of coupling

A connection is generated between a few water pipes as particular style of coupling

conflict (kuhn FLIKT having vi., KON flikt for letter.) vi. become contradictory; get in opposition; clash -n. step 1. a combat or battle, especially a lengthy you to; war; dos. evident conflict or resistance; clash; step 3. mental disturbance through a conflict from signals • Often Fran’s ideas argument with her brain, the girl center draw a proven way along with her lead extract additional. • The Hundred Years’ Battle try an incredibly a long time dispute. • Todd’s nice tooth is within a conflict together with must diet plan. • Mental conflict could come from a desire to would a few or even more one thing at the same time. [-ed, -ing] [Syn. challenge, struggle]

confront (kon FRUHNT) vt. 1. to stand or fulfill face-to-face; 2. to face or contradict boldly or defiantly; step 3. give face-to-face that have • The boxers earliest faced each other over two Philadelphia cheesesteak snacks. • One or two fencers face each other which have solution firearms taken. • Eric discovered to help you confront their concern with pussycats through getting their own kitten. [-ed, -ing, -ation letter., -ational adj.]

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confuse (kuhn FYOOZ) vt. step 1. to mix up; setup sickness; 2. to combine upwards psychologically; perplex; bewilder; step 3. so you’re able to don’t distinguish between; err in the pinpointing • So you’re able to confuse Gino, Jim wandered backward with his fingers stretched in front of him. • Anna puzzled genuine incidents with fictional of these. • Charlie puzzled a great Chevrolet with an Oldsmobile. [-d, perplexing, frustration letter.] [Syn. puzzle]

Small Review #19 Satisfy the phrase from column dos on the keyword out of line step one that means most almost the same. step 1. show

congruous (KON groo uhs) adj. step 1. congruent; 2. fitting; suitable; suitable • Congruous figures are exactly the same shape and size. • Whenever searching in public areas, a member of Congress is expected to demonstrate congruous behavior during the all the minutes. [-ly adv., -ness n.]

commitment (kuhn NEK shuhn) n. step one. a great coupling, a binding or unifying; a good unification 2. a way of joining; step 3. a romance; cuatro. a business user; 5. the fresh a style of altering from one train, shuttle, an such like. en route to help you someplace; six. a routine from inside the energy; a line of interaction between a couple situations when you look at the telegraphy, telephony, an such like. • • • •

Union off vehicles system to radiator is via plastic line

Statement was looking for an enthusiastic Music player, and then he consider their contact with the appliance store worker you’ll help him discover one during the a great rates. • Whenever Juanita travelled off Nyc in order to Miami, she was required to build an association in the Atlanta. • Extremely electric connections are manufactured by sticking a connect towards an excellent wall surface socket. consciousness* (KON shuhs nes) letter. step 1. the state of knowing; awareness of your individual attitude otherwise your landscape; dos. the brand new totality of one’s opinion, emotions, etcetera. • Being away cool, Ali gradually restored consciousness. • Stream-of-consciousness involves claiming or writing almost any grandfather into the direct throughout the order so it really does. • Awareness means one another an awareness of and you can a preference to activate to your business around you. consensus (kuhn SEN suhs) letter. step 1. an opinion kept by all or extremely; 2. standard arrangement of view • There is certainly an opinion one of Us citizens one democracy are a superior type of regulators in order to autocracy. • There is a consensus one of males you to definitely men vehicle operators is actually premium so you can girls vehicle operators. • Interestingly, the opposite opinion is obtainable one of female and you can, astonishingly, is supported by analytical analysis. effects (KON quand KWENS) n. 1. a direct result an action; outcome; effect; dos. a logical conclusion; 3. the newest relation off effect to cause; 4. characteristics • Due to to acquire a different sort of pen was an excellent handwritten mention. • Acquiring the correct time will likely be due to remaining a beneficial new electric battery in your wristwatch. • The consequence of sipping a great amount of dairy foods because good guy was solid pearly whites and bones because the an adult. • Brand new Emperor Maximillian’s exposure inside Mexico inside American Civil Conflict is actually from zero effects about war’s lead. [following adj., therefore adv.] [Syn. effect, importance]

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